Flip Diaper Cover

Flip Cover | bittybuns.com

I think lots of people like Flips.  For me, they seem quite big and didn’t fit for a long time – but I have a tiny baby.  I do like to put Flip covers over very large nighttime fitted diapers.

Flips are just one layer of PUL, single gussets, and they flaps to tuck an insert under to keep baby’s tummy and back dry.  The leg elastics are pretty soft.

Flip is a good brand, again under the Cotton Babies/BumGenius umbrella.

Review from Babycenter mama gives 3 out of 5: Great Covers Comparison Flip

Where to buy: Sweet Bottoms Baby (always free shipping), Green Mountain Diapers, surprisingly Target, Amazon, Nicki’s Diapers, and others.

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