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Many cloth diaper users find they really don’t experience rashes like they did with disposables.  But, it does happen and if the rash isn’t caused by yeast or thrush, you have some options.

CJ’s Butter Quick Stick in Monkey Farts is a particular favorite of mine.  It’s like a giant tube of chap stick, so I never have to get it on my hands and under my nails.  It comes in other scents, but really – why not just use something called Monkey Farts?

If you’re using natural fiber diapers, you can really use any cream you’d like.  If you’re using synthetic fibers, petroleum based products can cause repelling issues.  Something with Zinc Oxide can cause staining.

Storing Dirty Diapers

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Some disposable diaper pails can be also be used with cloth, but some can’t.  I use a Dekkor with a wet bag pail liner (Dekkor now makes a Plus model that is bigger and they market it for cloth).  Ubbi even accommodates cloth with its own liner (but any could be used).  Using a Diaper Genie with cloth takes some finagling, but here I’ve located a video tutorial and a picture thread to help with the transition.  I also travel with a large Planet Wise wet/dry bag.

Some say, though, that the best method for storing cloth diapers is in an open hamper with lots of air holes.  The air circulation supposedly keeps down the stink.  If you use an open pail, choose one with no holes in the bottom and and no holes a couple of inches up.  If you choose not to wring out your poopy diapers after they’ve been sprayed off, you don’t want that water puddling on your floor.

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Drying Covers

Drying Covers |

Drying Covers |

I use a scarf hanger to hang dry my covers.  They can go in the dryer on low or medium, but to preserver the life of the elastics, I prefer to hang dry.  Plus, my baby likes looking at them while taking a bath.

Where to buy: IKEA, Amazon

Getting Poop Off Diapers

Newborn Poo: If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you can put those diapers right in the washing machine.

Solids: When your baby starts solids and you start seeing thicker poo with maybe some chunks in it, that stuff needs to be cleaned off the diaper before it goes in the wash.  You have a few options.

Liners: In your diaper assembly line, add a flushable liner like this one from Buttons.  You can even use Viva paper towels (read about them here and here.)

Sprayers: There are dedicated diaper sprayers and bidet sprayers, but you can also MacGyver a sprayer from a kitchen sprayer and some spare parts.

Here’s a good video on how to use a diaper sprayer and specifically how much poo should come off the diaper before it goes into the wash.  (She uses a small spray shield, too.)





This is a (very) small wet bag just in case you wanted to go out with cloth.  I included some doggy poo bags just in case.  If I forget a wet bag or run out of room, I’ll use a poo bag in a pinch.