Stretchy Bamboo Terry Flat

Stretchy flats are my favorite!  This one is made of bamboo/cotton; there’s a smooth side and a side with teeny tiny baby loops.  These flats are thicker than cotton and hemp, but they are more absorbent than cotton.  The bit of stretch means it really fits baby well.  If you usually pad fold your diapers, these are not for you.  Padfolding is sort of a wasted on these lovely stretchies. Stretchy Bamboo Terry Flat |

I use the origami fold so all the layers end up right in the middle and there are long, long wings to wrap around baby.  I don’t even have to use a snappi because the wings tuck under one another.  I made this blue edge one.Stretchy Bamboo Terry Flat |

It looks so pretty I can hardly stand it.  This pink one is from Sweet Iris Designs.  When I pull in the wings, I sort of fold and twist until they’re nice and snug around her thighs.Stretchy Bamboo Terry Flat |

The bamboo terry can also be snappi’d if you wish.  If you’re doing a fold without long wings, they may need to be secured with a snappi, boingo or pins.Stretchy Bamboo Terry Flat |

Where to buy: Fruit of the Womb, Sweet Iris Designs, and right here once I get my act together

Blueberry Simplex

Blueberry Simplex |

The Blueberry Simplex is an All-In-One (AIO) and is a pretty great diaper overall.

The diaper is lined in cotton and has a long cotton tongue with fleece on top.  The tongue can be laid over top to take advantage of the moisture wicking layer, or you can fold it inside.

You can also stuff the pocket with doublers.  The great thing about Blueberry Simplex is that you don’t have to empty this pocket before washing.  Because the diaper pocket is open on both sides, the doublers work themselves out in the wash.

Something to be mindful of with AIOs is that there are no double gussets.  You also need to make sure that the inner fabric cannot be seen when the diaper is on you baby.  If you can see the inner fabric, you can get leaks.

Stuffing a Diaper

Buttons Diapers Hemp Insert |

A small yellow-edge prefold folded in thirds.

A small flat diaper, folded in half and then thirds.

You can use a snappi to fasten a prefold around your baby.

There’s a whole category of fitted diapers.  Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) makes the most economical fitted – it’s simply one of their prefolds sewn in the shape of a fitted with a doubler tongue added.  It’s called a Workhorse, and comes with or without snaps.

You can add extra absorbency into a diaper by stuffing it with doublers.  Below is a pad folded cotton flat with a newborn size prefold.

Hemp is very absorbent, and this little doubler from GMD is so soft and thin.  Hemp is slower to absorb than cotton, so it’s usually put at the bottom of the diaper, but wrapped inside something else is good, too.

You can even add fleece to the top to wick away moisture.  The blue edge of these Malden Fleece Liners face baby.


Buttons Cover

Buttons Diapers Sweet Pea |

Buttons Diapers covers are excellent quality.  Buttons have a double layer of stretchy, waterproof PUL and double gussets around the legs (useful for keeping stuff inside).  They’re an All-In-2 (AI2) system that has a snap-in insert feature.  This particular insert is hemp/cotton (very absorbent) topped with fleece (moisture wicking).

Buttons sells a microfiber insert, but I never recommend microfiber; it tends to develop a stink that won’t go away and doesn’t tend to last more than the diapering life of one child.  Buttons also has a night-time insert.  Additionally, Best Bottoms inserts are interchangeable with Buttons (they are very nearly the same diaper).

Some people complain that inserts like this (as well as pad folded prefolds and flats) bunch up in the middle on mobile babies and absorbency is lost.  But, you can use Buttons covers with any type of innards, not just snap-in.

A review by a Babycenter mama gives Buttons 4 out of 5: Great Covers Comparison Buttons

Where to buy: Buttons Diapers, Diaper Junction, Sweet Bottoms Baby, Amazon, and some others.