FuzziBunz | bittybuns.com

FuzziBunz is a pocket diaper with a microfiber insert.

FuzziBunz | bittybuns.com

I see these pocket diapers for sale on Amazon, but I don’t know where else to get them.  They’re part of a really big company called CottonBabies who make BumGenius, Flip Diapers, EconoBum and some others.

I don’t know much about FuzziBunz – I don’t hear a lot of chatter about them.  A positive is that it’s really easy to switch out the leg elastic if/when they wear out.  You can also adjust the length of the leg elastic with a little button, which is nice if your baby has super chunky legs or Dobby legs.

FuzziBunz | bittybuns.com

In this video, the reviewer explains the leg elastic adjustments.

Where to buy: Amazon

Wink Diapers

Wink Diapers | bittybuns.com

Wink Diapers are a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) product.  Their waterproof layer is made of TPU instead of PUL.  A winning point for these is that even the All-In-Ones (AIO) have double gussets.  Their lining and AIO material is bamboo, which makes them trim, but they take ages to dry.  (I only have a newborn size AIO, so I didn’t include one in the package.)Wink Diapers | bittybuns.com


This orange diaper is a pocket diaper.  Wink Diapers come with microfiber inserts.  I don’t love microfiber, but you can stuff anything you like into the pocket.  You have to remove the stuffing from most pocket diapers so they will get clean in the wash.Wink Diapers | bittybuns.com

The purple diaper is just a regular cover.  It has flaps in the front and back to help hold in your stuffins’.  It also keeps the wetness from creeping up on baby’s belly and back.


Where to buy: Wink Diapers, Zulily