Machine Wash Instructions

  • Make sure the bulk of poopies are not on the diaper.  Solid poopies are bad for your washing machine.  Some people hook a sprayer up to their toilet, some dunk and swish in the toilet bowl, some keep a spatula by the potty especially dedicated to scraping off poop.  If you’re lucky, the poops are “plopable” and you just open the diaper and plop them in the toilet.
  • Make sure all inserts are pulled out of pocket diapers (except the Blueberry – those work themselves out).
  • Detergent: It’s the popular opinion of most cloth diaper gurus that powdered Original Tide works best to clean diapers and fight stains.  That being said, it’ll be fine to use whatever you have on hand unless it’s homemade or some kind of hippy detergent – then get yourself some Tide.  Poop is seriously dirty.

If you or your baby is sensitive to detergents, there are alternatives out there.  All hope is not lost.  The Cloth Diapering Babycenter group is a great place to troubleshoot sensitivity or stink issues.



  1. Run a short/quick cold wash with detergent to Line 1.  This washes away the extra so the second wash can really do some scrubbing.
  2. Run a long hot wash with at least detergent to Line 3.
  3. Remove diaper covers from the wash and hang them to dry (All-in-One diapers can go in the dryer).
  4. Dry the rest in the dryer!

Technically, everything can go into the dryer.  But, everything will last longer if you line dry, particularly covers with their PUL lining and elastics.  If you do put covers into the dryer (or AIO or pockets), wait until they’re are completely cooled before fiddling with the elastics.

If you have stains on your diapers, that doesn’t mean they aren’t clean.  If stains bother you, you can bleach them occasionally (PUL and TPU are color fast and can withstand bleaching).  It’s best not to bleach on the regular because it will degrade fibers.  A better stain-fighting course of action would be to sun them – lay them out in the sun, line dry them, and maybe toss them the dryer for a few minutes after they’re dry to soften them up.  Also, Buncha Farmers stain stick is supposed to be fantastic.


Resource: Fluff Love University – not everything said here, or anywhere, is gospel.